1 Neonatal inflammation and infection are connected with serious complications.

Just 18 infants were known not to have received any assigned intervention. Primary and Secondary Outcomes In the group receiving intravenous immune globulin, 686 of 1759 infants either died or had major disability at age 2 years, in comparison with 677 of 1734 infants in the placebo group . This result was unaltered by different the cutoff point used to define main disability for the cognitive domain . Similarly, there were no significant between-group differences for any secondary outcome, including rates of subsequent episodes of sepsis and causative organisms . In survivors at 2 years, there have been no significant differences in the rates of either nonmajor or major disability.‘The criminalization of same sex romantic relationships and the resultant cultural and social stigmas mounted on homosexuality,’ said the petition, prospects to ‘all types of discrimination, violence and marginalization, resulting in mental health issues, low self-esteem and internalized homophobia,’ the news headlines program notes. David Bridger, country coordinator for UNAIDS in Sri Lanka and the Maldives, says there is an urgent dependence on policy debate and discussion on reproductive rights and sexual health, the news service writes.