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Putting the patients on medications that decrease their viral-loads, Williams stated that public wellness officials could ‘render HIV-infected people not infectious. The concentration of the virus drops by one factor of 10,000 with antiretroviral treatment, resulting in 25 times the reduced amount of infectiousness, Williams said, CNN reviews. He approximated that, with this approach, We could effectively stop transmission within five years. While this initiative would be expensive initially, costing at least $3 billion a 12 months in South Africa alone, it would rapidly pay for itself by trimming the cost of caring for AIDS sufferers and reducing the economic damage caused by AIDS deaths, Dr. Williams informed the meeting, the London Times reports . CNN continues, In a 2009 content in The Lancet, Williams and his colleagues at the global globe Health Corporation advocated for broader use of antiretroviral drugs, proposing that everyone over age 15 ought to be tested yearly for HIV, and that anyone who tests positive should begin antiretroviral treatment immediately, a concept that’s beginning to attract worldwide support, Williams said .‘Blood circulation to tumors could be complex and will present problems for interventional radiologists,’ said Riad Salem, M.D., MBA, FSIR, who wrote an accompanying commentary in JVIR. ‘This research advances the field and provides information that is immediately relevant to all or any interventional radiologists when treating their cancer sufferers,’ said Salem, professor of radiology, medicine and medical operation and director of interventional oncology, division of interventional radiology, in the division of radiology at Northwestern University in Chicago, Ill.