25 methods to improve your wellbeing and happiness this year 2010 THE BRAND NEW Year is upon us.

#18 – Get a mini-trampoline and do some rebounding in your living area. You can even watch films or documentary DVDs simultaneously. #19 – Make a point to access least eight hours of rest for 2-3 nights weekly . Most people are sleep deprived, and the ongoing health cost is enormous. #20 – Start visiting regional farmer’s markets so that you eat more local food in 2010 2010. You will be healthier and happier consequently. #21 – Got a job you don’t like? Stop it! Downgrade your life style to live on less overall, then pursue everything you really enjoy. Being content in a little house is better than getting miserable in a big one.This is actually the result of a report conducted at Aarhus University which includes just been published in the British Journal of Sports activities Medicine under the title ‘Feet pronation is not associated with increased injury risk in novice runners putting on a neutral shoe’. Healthy runners monitored for 12 months Experts have followed 927 healthful novice runners with different pronation types for a full year. All study participants received the same model of neutral running shoe, of whether they had neutral foot pronation or not regardless. Through the study period, 252 people suffered a personal injury, and the runners ran a total of 163,401 km. ‘We now have compared runners with neutral foot pronation with the runners who pronate to varying degrees, and our results suggest that overpronating runners don’t have a higher risk of injury than anyone else,’ says PhD and physiotherapist pupil Rasmus.