4 Useful Little Cell Lung Cancer Tests There are two main types of lung cancer.

They’ll be able to question you about your smoking habits also. Using this information your physician can determine whether you need further testing meant for SCLC then. 2) CHEST X-RAY: – If your physician feels that you want further testing following the physical examination they may recommend a chest x-ray. This will allow them to see if there are any noticeable abnormalities in the lungs which could turn out to be small cell lung cancer. 3) COMPUTERISED TOMOGRAPHY SCAN: – A CT scan is another useful small cell lung cancer test. It uses multiple x-rays to create a three dimensional picture of the lungs. Your doctor can then utilize this picture to obtain a better fortune at any lumps or abnormalities that may have developed in the tiny cells. 4) BRONCHOSCOPY: – A bronchoscopy allows your physician to appearance at the inside of your airways utilizing a bronchoscope .Studies have found that women advantage at least as much as males from participation, and many women become deeply mixed up in AA program. The researchers carried out a few of the first studies identifying the behavioral changes behind the success of AA participation, which report may be the first to examine if the benefits differ between people. Hoeppner and Kelly analyzed data from more than 1,700 participants, 24 % of whom were women, signed up for a federally funded trial called Project MATCH that compared three methods to alcoholic beverages addiction treatment.