60 Minutes on end-of-life wellness spending: Is there a better way?

’60 Minutes’ on end-of-life wellness spending: ‘Is there a better way? ‘It might seem this would be a clear matter for Congress and the president to address as they try to reform healthcare http://tadalafiluk.org/cialis-for-women-is-it-real-does-it-work.html . But what used to be always a bipartisan issue has turned into a politically explosive one – an ideal example of the costs that threaten to bankrupt the united states and how hard it will likely be to rein them in.’ Dartmouth researcher Elliot Fisher clarifies how as many as one-fifth of Us citizens end up dying expensive deaths in intensive treatment units, saying ‘It’s the path of least resistance.’ The report explains, ‘Fisher says it really is more efficient for doctors to control patients who are seriously ill in a hospital scenario, and there are additional incentives that impact the cost and the care patients receive.

Although the chance of progression to active disease among patients with smoldering multiple myeloma is low ,2 a subgroup of high-risk patients for whom the likelihood of progression to active disease in the first 2 years after diagnosis exceeds 50 percent has been identified.2,14-22 This high-risk subgroup, which represents approximately 40 percent of all patients with smoldering myeloma,2,14 is a focus on population for the investigation of early therapeutic interventions. Considering that these patients are asymptomatic and wouldn’t normally receive treatment otherwise, the perfect early therapy should have limited toxicity. We conducted a phase 3, randomized trial evaluating early treatment with observation in individuals with high-risk smoldering myeloma.