A guide to joint and soft tissue corticosteroid injection.

A guide to joint and soft tissue corticosteroid injection. Part 2: sites other than the knee The performing of soft and joint tissue injections can be extremely rewarding for patients and interested doctors. This article, the next in a two-part step-by-step guide for GPs thinking about performing joint and soft tissue aspiration and corticosteroid injections, covers performed injections in sites other than the knee commonly. The first article, published in the June 2005 problem of Medicine Today, discussed important general factors, with the knee used as an example because it is the site most commonly aspirated and the most studied for injection.Absorb is a first-of-its-kind device for the treating coronary artery disease . It functions by restoring blood circulation to the heart equivalent to a metallic stent, but dissolves in to the body then, abandoning a treated vessel that may resume more natural function and movement because it is free from a permanent metallic stent. Absorb is made of polylactide, a naturally dissolvable material that’s used in medical implants such as for example dissolving sutures commonly.