A leading contributor to Africas maternal death count.

This groundbreaking event will take place 4-7 April 2006, in Entebbe, Uganda. Related StoriesEarly menstrual period could play part in development of ER-negative breast cancer among African-American womenU-M researchers develop first-ever 3D model to help study treatment for pelvic organ prolapseMedical case record of girl with Channelopathy-linked Insensitivity to Discomfort SyndromeACCESS is leading the effort worldwide to reduce maternal mortality through a combined mix of approaches, including: promoting Energetic Management of the Third Stage of Labor ; strengthening the capability of front-line health workers to supply emergency obstetric treatment and effectively manage PPH when it occurs; and applying an innovative, community-based approach to prevent PPH at homebirths without competent providers.Another insight is there are three unique patterns of ageing, and that tissues can be grouped relating to which ageing pathway they consider. This result indicates that there are three different clocks for ageing that may or may not change synchronously, and that an old animal might be a mixture of tissues affected by each of the different aging clocks. Finally, the record compares maturing in mice to maturing in humans. Several aging pathways were found to end up being the same, and these could be interesting because they’re relevant to human aging and will also become scientifically studied in mice.

Absence of ERK2 gene associated with birth defects A multidisciplinary research team at Case Western Reserve University led by Gary Landreth, Ph.D., a professor in the School of Medicine’s Division of Neurosciences, has uncovered a common genetic pathway for several birth defects that influence the advancement of the heart and head.