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In November The award itself will be officially presented at a ceremony in Berlin.. PRESS RELEASE AkzoNobel has won a coveted Crimson Dot Award for the digital version of its 2014 annual survey. The interactive publication provides been acknowledged for the quality of its Communication Style in the highly respected competition. This year, a lot more than 7,450 entries had been received from 53 countries, with the jury commenting that AkzoNobel's digital record had distinguished itself from the competition by showing ‘uncompromising competency and considerable courage’.Adult pimples is normally a common but seldom discussed complaint that is thought to affect around 25 percent of adult men or more to 50 percent of adult women sometime within their adult lives as medical researches have discovered. Consequently, pimples is more common in women than guys and it can be developed even if you hardly ever suffered from acne as a child. 25 per cent of pimples occurs for the first time older than 26 years and it is sometimes the consequence of stress and/or dehydration.