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During the period of six months, each Clinical Consultant and his or her staff integrated the merchandise into their day to day routine, used the product regularly and then completed a thorough survey. An impressive 75 percent of The Teeth Advisors’ Clinical Consultants stated the STS-6 system was more advanced than their current vacuum program, while the other 25 percent said it was equivalent. Furthermore, 88 percent said they might change to the STS-6 program and 100 percent said they would recommend it. The STS-6 Dual Stage Dry out Vacuum System is oil-free and requires zero regular maintenance. Its Super Turbine Suction feature provides extremely robust vacuum suction during general examinations and procedures. The STS-6 also features an eight-gallon Cyclonic Actions Separator tank to make sure that no liquids or foams enter the vacuum pump.Among the 251 individuals who were permitted be contained in the second randomized comparison , median progression-free survival was significantly longer with lenalidomide maintenance therapy than without maintenance therapy . Lenalidomide maintenance therapy, as compared with no maintenance therapy, had no significant influence on the 3-year overall survival rate . The beneficial aftereffect of lenalidomide maintenance on progression-free survival was homogeneous in every subgroups except individuals with stage III disease at the time of diagnosis . Outcomes of the subgroup analysis of overall survival are shown in Shape S3 in the Supplementary Appendix. Simply no significant differences in progression-free of charge survival were detected between the maintenance and no-maintenance populations in the comparison of high-dose melphalan with MPR , or between your high-dosage melphalan and MPR subgroups in the evaluation of lenalidomide maintenance therapy without maintenance therapy .