AAN to award 2013 Michael S.

I hope our research shall level the performing field for all stroke individuals. .. AAN to award 2013 Michael S. Pessin Stroke Leadership Prize to Amytis Towfighi The American Academy of Neurology is awarding the 2013 Michael S. Pessin Stroke Leadership Prize to Amytis Towfighi, MD, with the University of Southern California and Rancho Los Amigos National Rehabilitation Middle for her research in post-stroke preventive care. Towfighi will have the award through the Academy's 65th Annual Meeting in NORTH PARK, March 16-23, 2013.The impairment includes IMED which did not reach its needed targets and were fully written down. – – Loss per share for the first half a year basic and diluted was SEK 21.62 , with a loss per share of SEK -7.37 for the second quarter. – – Equity per share was SEK 11.65 . – – The equity/possessions ratio was 41 % . Key events through the second one fourth – – Allenex divested its holdings in the associated company OrtoWay AB. – – In June, shareholders at the Annual General Interacting with decided to change the business’s name from LinkMed Abdominal to Allenex Stomach . – – IN-MAY, Allenex acquired NorDiag ASA’s holdings in Olerup International AB, now controlling 75 % of both Olerup International Stomach and Olerup GmbH. – – In May, Anders Karlsson was appointed seeing that new CEO of the ongoing company.