Aetna health insurance applications could be accessed from Gohealthinsurance.

Aetna health insurance applications could be accessed from Gohealthinsurance .com Michigan is one of the states strike hardest by the current recession, proven by its estimated 15 % unemployment price – – the highest in the national country. There are also 1.3 million residents in Michigan without health insurance coverage, a true number likely to grow as a result of high unemployment. While nothing at all can replace a lost job during a tough recession, going without health insurance can only make matters worse. Just one single major medical costs can drain a savings account and send family members into bankruptcy.

The other, an exclusive, fee-for-service plan, is being phased out by Aetna in every but five states. The termination of the program is the consequence of the federal government government’s mandating that fee-for-service plans become network-based by 2011, stated Walter Cherniak, an Aetna spokesman. ‘The plan terminations in Connecticut, Cherniak said, aren’t linked to the debate over reducing Medicare reimbursements to fund health care reform’ . In turn, a healthcare facility gives Medicare a price cut. And Medicare sends the individual a look for half the amount of money it saved.’ ‘The five-hospital Baptist Health System has been engaging since June in what Medicare calls its three-year Acute Treatment Episode, or ACE, demonstration project.