Air Methods introduces patented antimicrobial covering to ensure safe air Air Techniques.

Air Methods was initially to introduce Oil-Free of charge Compressor Technology in the USA and the first and just dental company to presently make use of Membrane Dryer Technology. Continuing to business lead the industry in invention, Air Techniques’ AirStar tanks are now lined with a patented antimicrobial covering to inhibit bacterial development and ensure consistent dried out, safe atmosphere – – protecting your patients’ health. This patented, silver-based powder covering uses environmentally sustainable silver ions that work 24/7 to safeguard against bacterial cell functions, by disrupting and prohibiting their reproduction and growth. Silver ions have proven effective at inhibiting the development of many types of bacteria. Air Techniques utilizes the most recent technology to make a uniform, total surface area covering, ultra-thin internal lining, preserving the ongoing health of your sufferers and protecting your instruments and handheld equipment from oxidation.This resulted from a 41 percent lower rate of recurrences in the breast and lymph nodes and a 36 per cent lower rate of cancer recurrence in other areas of the body. There was a low, but statistically significant, increased threat of moderate pneumonitis and lymphedema in the arm on the radiated aspect. Whelan, division mind of radiation oncology at McMaster and the Juravinski Cancer Center and a Canada Research Chair, expects the results will encourage doctors to offer all ladies with node-positive disease the option of getting regional nodal irradiation. ‘Adding regional nodal irradiation improved disease-free of charge survival, reduced the chance of recurrences, and there is a positive trend toward improved overall survival, while not increasing toxicities greatly,’ he said.