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Because these N7 adducts appear not to be subject to MGMT-mediated repair, VAL-83 may be a highly effective chemotherapeutic in the treatment of TMZ-resistant GBM. VAL-083 has been demonstrated to cross the blood brain accumulate and barrier in mind tumor tissue. Previous studies also show that TMZ activity is similar in cancers stem cells and their paired non-CSC from main GBM cells independent of their MGMT expression.The improvement was statistically significant and sustained for 10 mg/kg and 1 mg/kg belimumab from Week 24 and Week 28, respectively, through 52 weeks . Post hoc exploratory analyses to be offered at EULAR evaluated SRI response in BLISS-52 using greater SELENA SLEDAI reductions than the 4-point decrease used for the primary endpoint. These total results together with the pre-specific 4-point reduction are provided below. Using these higher SELENA SLEDAI thresholds, a larger treatment effect was noticed, with improvements in SRI response for both belimumab treatment organizations at Week 52.