AML can be an aggressive and deadly kind of blood cancer.

AbbVie reports results from venetoclax Phase 2 clinical trial in AML at ASH 2014 AbbVie presented during an oral demonstration at the American Society of Hematology's 56th Annual Meeting new results from a Phase 2 study of investigational substance venetoclax in patients with acute myelogenous leukemia . AML can be an aggressive and deadly kind of blood cancer, in which the body produces way too many of a specific type of white blood cell , that may crowd out healthy blood cells. In the scholarly study, the venetoclax group demonstrated an overall response price of 15.5 %, with one patient achieving a complete response and four patients achieving a complete response with incomplete blood count recovery. A complete response is sometimes called comprehensive remission, and refers to the disappearance of most signs of malignancy in response to tumor treatment.This increase was partially offset by raises in salaries, wages and benefits and additional costs linked to our development initiatives and an increase in depreciation and amortization expense. Adjusted earnings per share was $0.44 per share and GAAP earnings per share was $0.97 per share for the quarter. Adjusted income per share is calculated utilizing a weighted typical of both Course A and Course B common shares excellent, which was an aggregate of 20,766,at June 30 094 common shares, 2015.