And the consequences can be tragic.

But some doctors likely prescribe them for vets who also have mental pain with the expectation that the emotional distress that accompanies persistent pain may also be reduced. Unfortunately, this hope isn’t fulfilled often, and opioids will often make emotional problems worse, stated Michael Von Korff, a chronic illness researcher with Group Health Study Institute, a Seattle-based health care system. He had not been mixed up in scholarly study. The research included all veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan wars who were identified as having non-cancer physical discomfort from October 2005 through December 2010 or 141,029 women and men.Peptic ulcers: Popularly referred to as stomach ulcers, it refers to painful ulcers in the liner of the stomach or first portion of the little intestine, called the duodenum. No cause of ulcer has been identified till now. However, experts think that ulcers will be the final end result of an imbalance between digestive liquids in the stomach and duodenum. 3. Gallstones: Gallstones type in the gallbladder – a small organ located beneath the liver. Gallstone could cause severe abdominal pain or it’s likely you have no symptoms at all. Men & ladies who are more than 40 years of age frequently suffer from this issue that is majorly caused because of extra cholesterol in the bile, a non-stone-related blockage in the gallbladder that helps prevent proper emptying, etc.