Annals of Surgery study was conducted by Allan E.

To take a group of unresectable patients and provide 18 percent 5-year survival rate, I really cements the role of radiofrequency ablation in this disease. ‘.. Annals of Surgery study was conducted by Allan E. Siperstein, and colleagues, who conducted all of the Cleveland Clinic. The Annals of Surgery published their paper, ‘Survival after radiofrequency ablation of colorectal liver metastases, 10 years of experience, ‘in its October 2007 edition. Reprints reprints of the paper are available through the – said Dr. David L. Bartlett, Professor of Surgery and Head of Surgical Oncology at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center : ‘This series is extremely valuable because of its sheer size, To date, the treatment strategy and long-term, consistent follow-up.

– the average size of the dominant lesion was 3.9 cm, lesions ranged in size from 1.1 cm to 10, in the newspaper Q & A, Dr. Siperstein confirms that newer RFA devices, which had allowed for an ablation capacity of up to 7 cm allowed him to take on difficult cases, such as the study progressed.

Source: HemoBioTech, Highlights Study shows significant 5-year survival after the ablation of colorectal liver metastasesAngioDynamics highlighted results of a 10 – year study shows current 3-year and 5-year survival rate of 20.2 percent and 18, were to to 234 patients, radiofrequency ablation of colorectal liver metastases.Vittoria Tibaldi partook, and his colleagues have from the University of of Turin, St. John the Baptist Hospital, Italy , compared the effectiveness out of a medical doctor-led hospitals-at-home service for elderly patients with acute decompensation of chronic cardiac insufficiency with the traditional hospitals inpatient nursing. The patient aged 75 or over with a decompensation of chronic heart failure been a random either one generally medical department and the Geriatric Home arrow hospital stay Service assigned to between April 2004 and April 2005. The Geriatric Home hospitalized services available diagnostic and treatment treatments clinic health care professionals in the patient’s home.


The hospital-at-home care can be a convenient an alternative to conventional hospital fixed care to patients with of acutely decompensated to be congestive heart failure, according to any report in the 28 September issue of Archives of Internal Medicine, one of the JAMA / Archives journals.. Fast 7 million Europeans and 5 million Americans with are chronic cardiac insufficiency, the progressive and deactivate disease hit, according to background more in the article.