ARYx Therapeutics reviews net loss of $5.

We continuing to progress with the advancement of our three business lead product candidates towards achievement of the target profiles we had set for them. However, the consequence of not completing a licensing agreement for budiodarone, our novel antiarrhythmic agent, to a large pharmaceutical firm left ARYx in a hard situation. In February 2010 to optimize the We committed value in the near-term that we believe exists for each of our product candidates by retaining Cowen and Company, an investment lender, to explore strategic alternatives. Simultaneously, we substantially reorganized the company to support this process and to reduce our spend,’ said Dr. Paul Goddard, chairman and ceo of ARYx. Company Highlights In February 2010, ARYx retained Business and Cowen, an investment bank, to explore and recommend strategic options for the company going forward.Hyperinsulinemic euglycemic clamp studies were performed in 5 of the 15 individuals and 5 of the 15 controls matched for age, sex, BMI, and physical activity. The results confirmed that the patients experienced higher insulin sensitivity . The International Diabetes Federation requirements for the medical diagnosis of metabolic syndrome23 were met by 2 of the 15 patients and 2 of the 15 controls . Removal of either of the two 2 related patients with the Cowden syndrome from the evaluation did not alter the levels of significance of any variable measured.