Concerns have arisen that stimulants can increase the risk of sudden unexplained death in children medical article.

Recently, concerns have arisen that stimulants can increase the risk of sudden unexplained death in children. Sudden death and use of stimulant medications in Youth by Madelyn S medical article . MPH and colleagues is the first study to systematically on concerns that the therapeutic use of stimulants such as amphetamine and dextroamphetamine, for for sudden unexplained death in children. Most, but not all, of stimulant use has been prescribed for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder . In an accompanying editorial, Benedetto Vitiello, and Kenneth Towbin, from the National Institute of Mental Health states that the results should that stimulants not innocuous and that their therapeutic use requires careful diagnostic, hardworking security screening and ongoing monitoring. It is equally clear that sudden unexplained death is a rare event, it is only the first study of its kind, it is based on small numbers, and it is not possible, the risk of the estimation quantify it is very small. . The RETCIF test will be commercially available internationally within 24 months.

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