Designed for used in chemical and process sectors specifically.

Aflex Hose believe ‘it not merely supersedes but enhances upon the wide variety of alternative hose items available’ and has executed tests against competitors items to aid its statement. With the release of Corroline, Aflex Hose Ltd provides introduced Puretag, the Worlds completely integrated sanitary hose labelling system first. Available in EPDM or Silicone, Puretag’s streamline design offers a glue free label encapsulated flush with the exterior surface of the hose. ‘Our technology are driven by teams of highly-dedicated engineers and technologists who demand the very best,’ stated Tony Logan, Aflex Industrial General Manager.6. Stay away from too much exposure to sunlight, including the use of sun lamps and tanning booths. Despite what many people think, in the long-term, tanning does not get rid of acne. In the short-term your acne might be less noticeable, but only as the sun reddens your skin and the acne shall merge more. 7. Be persistent – acne is normally a chronic condition which can be very stubborn to treat. Have realistic targets of how long your medication will take to work, and when you find a treatment that works, be sure you keep applying it also after your acne is gone that method your acne will remain away FOREVER! If after following these tips your acne isn’t improving, make a scheduled appointment to visit a dermatologist.