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Moderate exposure to sunlight or UV light is the absolute best way produce body produce the vitamin D needs ed pills . During the dark winter months, it is difficult to obtain the necessary amount of vitamin D. In fact, it is impossible to the required amount to get in the cities north of 37 degrees north latitude for as many as 6 months a year. This includes cities like Richmond, and Sacramento, and all the cities further north. For those concerned about vitamin D deficiency and who find it difficult to find to get the necessary amount of sunlight, there are other ways to get your dose of the sunshine vitamin. Vitamin D supplements, moderate exposure to UV light from a tanning bed and a diet rich in vitamin D -enriched foods will all help fight against vitamin D deficiency. However, experts agree that the easiest and best way to get the required amount of vitamin D from sunlight and UV light. – Confirm more and more science arises every day not the enormous health benefits of vitamin D and the significant health consequences enough of him, said Tim Miller, Communications Director for the UV Foundation. Vitamin D Deficiency Month the the public about the dangers of this growing problem and to shed light on the possible solutions.

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