Go on-line to encourage voters their Say on health.

Elections, Go on-line to encourage voters their Say on health, UK, doctors ‘ leaders Wales Wales on-line to encourage more people to vote in the National Assembly May election.a bilingual online news to BMA to BMA Welsh secretary Dr Richard Lewis and Deputy BMA secretary Stephen Jones urge people to use their voice and their opinion on the future of the Welsh NHS.

‘How do you solve a problem like the Welsh NHS? ‘ – event event. People voted people voted for Pembrokeshire Connie Fisher as Maria in ‘Sound of Music’in the TV show to win. ‘How do you solve the the Welsh NHS ‘is far more important and long-term. – ‘The event is free, if you can, please come along to the Reardon Smith Lecture Theatre on Tuesday, March 20 at 19.30 clock to question representatives of the four main political parties about their plans and ideas for the Welsh NHS. ‘.. In his online appeal says Dr. Lewis: ‘on the 3rd the people of Wales will be the possibility in the National Assembly elections, voting , the National Assembly is the body that health policy decisions for all of us, living in Wales, and so it is very important that we all take part in the vote a government into power between now and 3 May, the political parties in Wales is publishing their manifestos.Chemical pesticides are some of the tools growers often in administration insect dedicated the dining room in use the crop use the crop. Pesticides, unfortunately, are not without risk to those who labor in the fields and fruit trees, planting and harvested harvest.

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