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Back in 2008, for example, it was uncovered that Wyeth Pharmaceuticals paid ghostwriters to compose articles hyping the supposed great things about its hormone alternative therapy medication Prempro, and solicited academics to then stamp their brands on them declaring authorship. The forged articles after that made an appearance in prestigious journals where a large number of doctors finished up reading and absorbing the info as if it had been independent, evidence-based medicine to approve a drug, and Big Pharma lawyers would no longer have the ability to use ghostwritten research as court proof to guard the safety of harmful drugs. [Ghostwritten studies] tend to be used in litigation to aid the manufacturer’s arguments in regards to a drug’s efficacy and protection, or to establish a record of scientific acceptance for Daubert reasons, or to credentialize an expert witness, added Stern and Lemmens.‘Cancers with K-Ras mutations have been resistant to all targeted therapies to day, in fact it is exciting to learn that a combined mix of PI3K and MEK inhibitors, two groups of drugs in clinical development currently, may be highly effective in these cancers.’ The current research began with a focus on the PI3K signaling pathway, which is paramount to cell survival and recognized to control cellular motility and adhesion. PI3K mutations have triggered tumor development in laboratory studies, but their role had not yet been studied in an animal model. The research team designed a transgenic mouse where administration of the medication doxycycline induces the expression of cancer-connected PI3K mutations, resulting in development of lung tumors.