If people opt to have sex.

Couples who do decide to have sex can pick from many effective birth control methods. Check the content below to learn some important info about different ways of birth control. You could be surprised — some popular ones aren’t as effectual as people might think. Birth Control Patch Birth Control Pill Birth Control Ring Birth Control Shot Cervical Cap Condom Diaphragm Emergency Contraception Implantable Contraception IUD Fertility Awareness Spermicide Withdrawal.. About Birth Control Among the toughest decisions that a complete large amount of teens encounter is whether to have sex.To catch the blood and prevent stains on her behalf clothes, a pad could be worn by a woman, which sticks to her underwear, or a tampon, which is inserted in to the vagina. What’s Going On Inside? The blood and tissue leaves the body because it’s no longer needed. It comes from the uterus, the organ inside a woman’s body in which a baby grows. Each full month, tissue and blood build up in the uterus in the event the girl becomes pregnant. That lining would be needed if the woman’s egg was fertilized by a man’s sperm cell. A fertilized egg attaches compared to that cushiony lining and begins growing right into a baby. But the majority of the right time, the egg will not get fertilized, the lining is shed, and the lady or girl has her period.