Katherine McKeon.

Hillard, B.S., David M. Nathan, M.D., and Edward R. Damiano, Ph.D.: Outpatient Glycemic Control with a Bionic Pancreas in Type 1 Diabetes Maintaining glycemic values because close to the non-diabetic range as possible is effective in avoiding or delaying long-term problems of type 1 diabetes mellitus,1-3 but achieving near normoglycemia is challenging. Most patients cannot satisfy glycemic targets4-6 and also have frequent episodes of hypoglycemia, which may be life-threatening.7-11 The availability of accurate continuous glucose monitoring has produced feasible the development of bionic endocrine pancreatic systems that are designed to improve glycemic control and decrease the burden on patients.Without the true name of the boy or his hometown, locating him seemed impossible. But as Montanti said, I knew one way or another I would find this precious kid and give him an opportunity to walk once again. That perseverance became the engine that fueled a trans-national search, involving strangers and friends, bound together only by the belief that they could be able to help someone in want. When Montanti’s very own network didn’t unearth any information on the boy, she extended her search. A pal offered to present her to Geraldine Acuna, a Filipina living in Boston. Acuna recalls getting the image and a request to help, and although doubtful that the boy could be found, she decided to try. I sent the picture around to everyone I knew somewhat apologetically, knowing the probability of finding the young kid had been slim to none.