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These courses satisfy Federal Motor Carrier Basic safety Administration teaching requirements for examiners who wish to be shown on FMCSA’s National Registry of Authorized Medical Examiners . The National Registry is normally a fresh FMCSA program that requires all medical examiners who wish to perform physical examinations for interstate industrial automobile drivers to be trained and qualified in FMCSA physical qualification requirements. Only medical examiners who comprehensive the training and successfully pass the test will be contained in an on-line National Registry of Authorized Medical Examiners . After May 21, 2014, just those medical examiners who are listed about the NRCME shall be able to perform CMV driver examinations.In this subgroup, outcomes were identical when the cystatin C equation was used. Results were consistent across most of the subgroups defined by age group, sex, diabetes status, body-mass index, and other measured GFR thresholds . Discussion Accurate assessment of GFR is essential for interpreting the symptoms, signs, and laboratory abnormalities that may indicate kidney disease; for medication dosing; and for managing and detecting chronic kidney disease and assessing the prognosis.