Nicolas Schaad.

1 The dissemination of commune-level data allowed for targeted, intensified sanitation and drinking water interventions and for the prioritization of sites for potential new interventions, such as the usage of an oral cholera vaccine.32 In addition, the ongoing health ministry acquired access to facility-level data. The NCSS demonstrated several limitations. Although suspected cholera cases had been retrospectively documented by the health ministry as soon as October 14, 2010, official surveillance data covered the period beginning October 20, 2010, the date which stool specimens displaying toxigenic V.‘The media has a critical part to play in questioning the status quo and in helping people to seem sensible of health details. These results demonstrate the power of the media and how serious the consequences can be if reporting isn’t balanced and informed.’ She mentioned: ‘The ABC should be praised for facilitating dialogue about concerns raised by this program and for withdrawing the program when it was found to have breached their criteria.’ NPS MedicineWise, which provides guidance to health professionals and consumers on medicines, highlighted the need for reliable information on medications for medical researchers and consumers. ‘At that time the Catalyst system went to air, we expressed concern that folks prescribed statins may quit taking their medication without talking to a health professional,’ stated NPS MedicineWise CEO, Dr Lynn Weekes.