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‘Our results suggest that the partnership between infant fat gain and asthma symptoms is not because of the accelerated growth of fetal growth-restricted infants only,’ said Dr. Duijts. ‘While the mechanisms underlying this romantic relationship are unclear, accelerated excess weight growth in early life might adversely have an effect on lung growth and might be connected with adverse adjustments in the immune system.’ The study had a few limitations, including the chance for measurement error in the estimation of fetal pounds and the usage of self-record for asthma symptoms. ‘Further research is needed to replicate our findings and explore the mechanisms that contribute to the effects of development acceleration in infancy on respiratory wellness,’ concluded Dr.The Washington Post: The bill would for the first time need every specific to acquire insurance and would try to make it inexpensive by vastly growing Medicaid and creating a market place where people could receive federal subsidies to get coverage from private companies or from a new government-run insurance plan. Though some people would not benefit – – including about 6 million illegal immigrants, by congressional estimates – – the measure would virtually close the coverage gap for people who do not really have access to insurance through an employer .