What Healthy Casco Bay is Doing

• Providing nutrition education in various community sectors – please see “SNAP-Ed” page at left and contact us if you would like to host a class!
• Promoting “zero sugary drinks” info and policies at local schools, after schools programs, and childcare providers through the 5-2-1-0 program.


Nutrition Resources
 • American Dietetic Association , organization of food and nutrition professionals providing information about good nutrition
•, home of the 5210 Goes to School Program, a site with great information and strategies for promoting activity
and nutrition to school age kids.
• Fruits and Veggies More Matters , meal planning and other resources and tips for eating fruits & veggies (formerly the 5 a Day program)

  • Maine Dairy and Nutrition Council , nutrition education organization funded by Maine diary farmers and processors
• Maine Nutrition Council , focus on education, research and advocacy
• Multicultural Nutrition and Diabetic Handouts , information on nutrition and diabetes in 36 languages from The Nutrition Education for New Americans Project
• , US government homepage; consumer information on food and nutrition
• Nutrition for Older People in Maine , nutrition information for elders from the Maine Department of Health and Human Services
• USDA Nutrient Database , search engine for nutrient information of foods
• University of Maine Cooperative Extension , programs in agriculture, food & health and gardening as well as publications on similar topics
• The Vegetarian Resource Group , recipes and information about nutrition for vegetarians