This means that health PBMs and plans may be unaware of certain controlled substance prescriptions for a few individuals, and thus don’t have all the information necessary to take steps to handle inappropriate utilization or misuse. While the subcommittee did not consider amendments, AMCP will continue dealing with lawmakers in both House and Senate for inclusion of the recommendation in the final bill. To read H.R. 1725, visithere. To learn AMCP’s July 23 letter supporting the legislation, visithere.Stimulus financing is fueling research projects at universities across America, and the United States will reap the huge benefits for many years to come. The investment in science and engineering provided by the ARRA is certainly adding to the nation’s collective body of understanding and helping to gas discovery and innovation in crucial areas like biomedical research and alternative energy. It is also supporting employment and contributing to training our following generation of scientists, engineers, researchers and doctors. The majority of funding for study under the ARRA is being provided through the Department of Energy , the National Institutes of Wellness , and the National Science Foundation , although some other federal agencies are providing stimulus funds for research also.