AMCP is particularly pleased with the pharmacy’s prominent role in the functioning office of the National Coordinator for Health IT draft Interoperability Roadmap for 2015-2025. The roadmap recognizes pharmacists as providers of healthcare services, something that will be especially important as increasingly more Americans gain coverage of health and seek care through managed programs. Electronic health record systems must recognize pharmacists as meaningful users of the technology.. PRESS RELEASE Alexandria, Va., 3 February, 2015 —The Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy is pleased that President Obama has included $5 million in his proposed fiscal year 2016 budget to help create electronic standards which will allow providers to send secure patient data between different information technology systems.The surprising finding: the learners ate just as much crackers with higher whole-grain content as the more prepared versions. ‘Graham snacks provide a healthy, acceptable wholegrain food that kids want to eat highly, ‘ says Len Marquart, the business lead investigator on the study. ‘ This is an excellent way for children to get up to an additional serving of whole grain per snacking occasion.’ In order to avoid any influence of branding or recognition of something the learning students had consumed before, all the crackers looked and the learners ate from plain aluminum packets alike.