Researchers Explore Memory Complications Linked to Parkinsons: FRIDAY.

Researchers Explore Memory Complications Linked to Parkinson’s: – FRIDAY, Sept. 4, 2015 – – Many people with Parkinson’s disease have memory problems, researchers report. The analysis included 40 people who have early stage Parkinson’s disease and 40 healthy older adults cipla . While the disease is viewed as a motion disorder generally, about half of the Parkinson’s sufferers had problems with some aspect of memory, such as for example learning and retaining info, or recalling spoken info, the investigators found. ‘And then half of these participants, or nearly one-quarter of most participants with Parkinson’s, were really having a hard time consistently with their memory space, enough that it would be noticeable to other folks,’ said study author Jared Tanner.

KlegermanThe group took an existing software platform CEDMAV created known as VISUS and adapted it to put together high-resolution pictures of different parts of the brain into one 3-D model which can be seen at different angles. VISUS can be used to visualize huge models of data to create climate or energy simulations or high-resolution images of towns. To create images of a brain, researchers first use a new method referred to as CLARITY which makes the brain tissue transparent by immersing it in special hydrogels. With the new software, a huge selection of 3-D blocks of the mind are scanned individually with a two-photon microscope then, and scientists can view the scans immediately as opposed to waiting for them to download.