S new Strategically Focused Research Network on hypertension.

AHA selects UAB to take part in $15 million research on high blood pressure The University of Alabama at Birmingham is among four institutions selected to review high blood pressure as part of the American Heart Association's new Strategically Focused Research Network on hypertension. The AHA will support the Strategically Concentrated Study Network on hypertension with an expenditure of $15 million over four years, beginning this full 12 months. About 80 million U.S. Adults have been diagnosed with high blood circulation pressure, so when left untreated, the condition can have deadly health consequences, according to the AHA. At the UAB Hypertension Center, an interdisciplinary team of experts led by Paul Muntner, Ph.D., professor of epidemiology in the UAB School of Public Health, will continue to work on population health, basic and clinical research projects, and initiate a fresh training curriculum for future hypertension researchers.PICTURES: Does your child really have ADHD? 17 things to first rule out A Canadian study shows that the youngest kids in class are more likely to be diagnosed with ADHD and treated with medicine. But that doesn’t mean the children always have the disorder, according to the study’s authors. ‘Our study suggests youthful, less mature children are inappropriately being labelled and treated,’ study writer Richard Morrow, a study analyst at University of British Columbia, said in a written statement. ‘It is important not to expose children to potential harms from unnecessary diagnosis and usage of medications.’ For the scholarly research, released in the March 5 issue of the Canadian Medical Association Journal, experts examined data on 938 nearly,000 kids from British Columbia, Canada. All colleges in British Columbia have a cut-off to get into kindergarten or first grade by Dec.