Said Jarett Rieger.

Several studies have shown that the analysis of the expression of excision repair cross – complementation group 1 may help physicians identify patients who may benefit from platinum-based chemotherapy – the current standard treatment in advanced NSCLC. To Moffitt Cancer Center low expression of ERCC1 have brought a better response and survival benefit from adjuvant cisplatin-based chemotherapy. – We are very pleased that many medical oncologists have begun utilizing this lung cancer test to better identify chemotherapy for non-small-cell lung cancer patients, said Jarett Rieger, director of the Office of Technology Management and Licensing at Moffitt. .

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Genzymeenter Announces growing interest in the recently introduced prognostic Test For Non – Small Cell Lung CancerMoffitt Cancer Center announces steadily growing interest in the ERCC1 Analysis, the first test for selecting chemotherapy for Non developed small lung cancer patients. 200,000 Americans 200,000 Americans are diagnosed with lung cancer.. 6) Reed E. ERCC1 measurements in clinical oncology. N Engl J Med 2006; 355:1054-5.performed Board Delays Deadline for Drug – Tracking RequirementThe California Pharmacy Board on Tuesday unanimously two years is the deadline for the implementation of an electronic drug tracking system that the state legislature approved in 2004, the New York Times reported delay.Academics from the University of Liverpool with computational models experts in India work in in order to regions in the country, which most at risk of malaria outbreaks are following modifications the following changes in the monsoon rains.

Morse Morse, out of the University’s School of Environmental Sciences, said: ‘We already know that having abnormal seasonal by heavy rains, when heat and humidity are insect thrive as midges and distribute infection on people allows health services health services prepare. Prevent epidemics preventing epidemics , we have to predict a need to know when these events are likely to in the areas used accustomed on annual outbreaks of malaria.. ‘Liverpool was human and animal disease models of can be integrated into seasonal forecasting systems give an idea ​​what the impact of climate change on disease risk will be as shown in between four and six months ‘.

The number of cases of malaria in India were out of two million euros per year dropped to 1.5 million in recent years but the proportion of the more hazardous forms of the disease, falciparum infected increased in in some areas.