Said Moncef Slaoui

‘the newly formed GSK R & D Oncology Unit directly with our R & D strategy to deliver more products of value oriented and will help us cost towards personalized medicine in oncology, ‘said Moncef Slaoui, Chairman, Research and Development . ‘This particular unit has the primary goals of identifying new goals and paths, conducting innovative clinical research and development of cost – increasing capacity to the unit large portfolio of drugs delivered. ‘.

GSK also announced today the formation of a new integrated Oncology Research and Development organization. GSK Oncology brings small discovery units within the existing Cedd and a highly specialized drug development group, a dedicated oncology research and development organization, led by Paolo Paoletti, Senior Vice President, Oncology Research and Development to create. – ‘GSK this new organization will help us increase the breadth and depth of our core competencies oncology knowledge to ultimately deliver more innovative medicines improve the lives of cancer patients,’said Paoletti. ‘By creating an end-to-end R & D unit , we are able to have many synergies between discovery and development in oncology it recognized. Application of translational medicine is a significant improvement of R & D bring bring group on the ‘bench to bed’connection. Continuous loop and flow of information from early to late stage of development, and vice versa ‘.

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