Searing Heat.

Even when it really is 70 degrees outside, the temperatures can climb to well over 100 degrees within 30 minutes. The home windows in the electric motor car trap heat, almost like a greenhouse impact, Glatter said. If you plan to exercise in heat, for under one hour even, drink cool water before you begin, as well as after your workout. Under one hour of exercise, sports beverages and salt replenishment are unnecessary generally. That said, the heat index and humidity are important factors in the selection of ideal fluid, Glatter said.Death occurred in 183 of the 410 patients randomly assigned to get nivolumab and in 215 of the 411 individuals randomly designated to receive everolimus. The hazard ratio for death with nivolumab versus everolimus was 0.73 , which met the prespecified criterion for superiority.). The heterogeneity of the treatment effect within each subgroup shown in Figure 2A was tested with the use of an interaction test in a Cox proportional-hazards model with treatment, subgroup, and treatment-by-subgroup interaction as covariates.