xcsHealthy Casco Bay offers a range of services for school and community health promotion.
They include:

Technical Assistance with Policy and Program Development
Have an idea for a health initiative in your school or community, but aren’t sure how to bring it to life? Healthy Casco Bay has the expertise to help you take an idea and make it into a practical, functional policy or program. Whether it’s ironing out the details of how the program will work or identifying funding sources to purchase needed equipment, Healthy Casco Bay can help you develop the tools your community needs. Contact us today to discuss your Policy or Program concept.

Funding Assistance 
Have an idea that just needs funding to be put into action? Healthy Casco Bay can help you identify sources of funding, and help you craft proposals that funders will be happy to support. We can help you refine your proposal, provide editing services (English majors on staff!) and give you a credible partner as you seek funds to improve the health of your school or community.  Keep tuning in for our mini-grants for anything from community gardens to youth tobacco work to trails!

What We Can Offer Worksites:

Whether you have an employee wellness program, or you are a 5-person (or less!) operation, we can help you with the following:

* Provide education on Maine’s workplace tobacco use & secondhand smoke exposure laws, and the benefits of workplace tobacco policies.¬† We can also provide information on tobacco cessation resources, such as the state QuitLine, and incorporating tobacco treatment into company health insurance plans.

* Assist with developing written policies that meet or exceed state law on tobacco use in your workplace.

* Assist you with the development, adoption, and implementation of breastfeeding support policies to provide nursing mothers a safe, comfortable, private place to nurse or express milk.