Sri Rezeki Hadinegoro.

In year 4 in the CYD57 trial, the relative risk among participants who were 9 years of age or older was very similar to that in year 3 , whereas the relative risk among the younger individuals had decreased to 0.54 . In the CYD14 trial, among individuals younger than 9 years who were hospitalized for dengue, severe disease occurred in 8 of 19 individuals in the vaccine group and in none of 6 individuals in the placebo group . Among those who were 9 years of age or older, serious disease occurred in 3 of 8 participants in the vaccine group and in 1 of 7 participants in the control group .The cause of arthritis rheumatoid is unknown. The primary focus of the irritation is normally in the synovium, the lining tissue of the joint. Inflammatory chemical substances released by the immune cells trigger swelling and damage to bone and cartilage. More than 2 million Us citizens suffer from arthritis rheumatoid, based on the American University of Rheumatology. About 75 % of those affected are women. While the disease appears most between the ages of 40 and 60 commonly, it can develop at any age group., Inc. Tooth sensitivity is caused when the tooth enamel is normally worn apart and the dentin is definitely exposed.