Stephan Mayer of NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital / Columbia University.

A leader in refrigeration for patients with cardiac arrestSince this year is New York City ambulances among patients with cardiac arrest directly to hospitals that offer therapeutic hypothermia. Stephan Mayer of NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital / Columbia University, Medical Center played an important role in the development of that policy, by. The idea of ​​a critical-care committee of the Greater New York Hospital Association and United Hospital Fund.

Moler at the University of Michigan CS Mott Children’s Hospital and Dr. Michael Dean at the University of Utah, contains the six-year study with a total of 16 study sites in North America.

The 23 – center, prospective, open-label study consists of 1,008 patients who recent history of recent history of nasolabial fold correction. Months.ts received an initial treatment with Artefill, and up to two touch-ups after 30 and 60 days, until full correction was achieved.Now a considerably Enhanced through Non – Invasive TherapyMajor depression is a frequent and deactivation of brain status selected not only by the presence of depressed mood, but also through its some impact on sleep, energy, decision-making, memory, and ideas of your death or suicide.

At help you to TNS founder of the laboratory and in patient care, UCLA Intellectual Property Office recently into an exclusive worldwide license for the TNS having neuroscience Sigma, a Los Angeles-based The neuromodulation enterprises in 2008 to of promising technologies develops to commercializing was executed leading universities and research establishments. Degiorgio and Cook includes UCLA inventor of the TNS technology and that are unpaid advisor Brain Sigma. They tell no role in this project.