The ACU was established in 1913.

ACU agrees to partner with AlphaGalileo Foundation The Association of Commonwealth Universities and AlphaGalileo Basis Ltd have agreed to collaborate to market research being completed around the world by ACU’s 500 member universities. The ACU was established in 1913. It is the oldest and one of the largest inter-university systems in the global world. The ACU’s role remains important in the increasingly international field of advanced schooling.The World Health Firm reported 247 million cases of malaria and nearly 1 million deaths in 2008, the majority of whom had been African children. The condition can be spread through mosquito bites and causes fever, headache, vomiting and chills and may be fatal if not really treated, according to the global world Health Corporation in Geneva. The business Global Fund that came into being in 2002, paid for the medicines and is looking at whether drug thefts are increasing worldwide since it quantifies its lacking inventory, Jon Liden, a spokesman for the Geneva-based Global Fund, said. This Global Fund is an independent entity funded by national governments and personal entities including the Bill and Melinda Gates Basis in Seattle. It spent $21.7 billion in 150 countries from 2002 through 2010 to combat the three diseases.