The AP/International Herald Tribune reports.

Abbott Labs agrees to settle lawsuit over antiretroviral Norvir pricing Abbott Laboratories on Wednesday agreed to pay between $10 million and $27.5 million to stay an antitrust lawsuit filed by HIV/AIDS advocates and other medicine companies over an increase in the cost of the business’s antiretroviral medicine Norvir, the AP/International Herald Tribune reports sildenafil uk . In December 2003 quadrupled the per-patient wholesale price of Norvir Abbott, which is known as ritonavir generically. Norvir primarily is used as a booster for additional protease inhibitors. Abbott exempted Medicaid, Medicare and condition AIDS Drug Assistance Applications from the price boost and announced it would expand its patient assistance program.

U.S. Pharmaceutical sales improved 17.5 % and International pharmaceutical sales increased 22. Based on the continued strong sales efficiency of HUMIRA, which contributed more than $800 million in worldwide sales in the 3rd quarter, Abbott estimates 2007 global sales of $3 billion. Worldwide medical items product sales elevated 12.0 %, driven by 13.8 % growth in worldwide Diabetes Care product sales, 14.9 % growth worldwide in Abbott Vascular, and 14.4 % growth in International diagnostics sales. Worldwide nutritional products sales had been led by 15.6 % growth in International nutritionals, with continued strong overall performance in key emerging growth markets. ‘Abbott’s strong performance this quarter was again well balanced across our main broad-based businesses,’ said Kilometers D.