The government report also shows that the entire $ 178.

In 2003 Americans buying brand-name drugs Fuels Boom In Overall Drug Spendingshows a new report by HHS ‘ Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, that consumer spending on outpatient prescription drugs from 1999 to 2003 from 1999 about 2003 – rising from $ 94 billion to $ 178,000 a year. The government report also shows that the entire $ 178,000 was spent in 2003, in part by the increasing share of Americans increased the purchase brand-name drugs.

It is also small enough for easy storage.. This proportion increased from 47.5 % in 1999 to just over 53 % in 2003. Meanwhile, the proportion of Americans purchasing generic prescription drugs essentially flat, with no significant change. ###For more information, see trends in brand name and generic Prescribed medicine use and spending, 1999 and 2003.

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