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The results , which are in a thesis by Hristina Jovanovic presented are at the end of February, that women have a greater number of the most common serotonin receptors than men. They also show that women have lower levels of the protein, as well as back into the nerve cells that secrete have it plats . It is this protein that the most common antidepressants block. – We do not know exactly what that means, but the results can help us understand why the occurrence of depression distinction between the sexes and why men and women sometimes respond differently to treatment with antidepressants, says Professor Anna – Lena Nordstr? who led the study. – The group has also shown that the serotonin system in healthy women from that differs in women with severe premenstrual mental symptoms. These results suggest that the serotonin system in such women does not. As flexibly to the hormone fluctuations of the menstrual cycle in asymptomatic women – These findings indicate that in the development of antidepressants and anti-anxiety drugs, scientists should evaluate their effect on men and women separately, as well as their effects before and after menopause, says Ms. Nordstrom. ###Botulinium type A toxin is the ‘scientific name ‘for the product commonly known as Botox.

9.00 bis 09.30 clock Neonatal and the Infant Nutrition and Iron Metabolism, Dr. Michael K. Georgieff, University of Minnesota9.30 to 10 12:30 to 1:00 p.m. Families of neonatal intensive care unit unit of Lori Armstrong, Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital of NewYork-Presbyterian and Columbia University Medical Center.

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