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All rights reserved.. Administration to pitch wellness reform in model community President Obama and best advisers will travel to Green Bay Thursday – one of the highest-value health communities in the country – to promote wellness reform in a town-hall conference, the Washington Post reviews. In his travel to rein in skyrocketing health-care costs, Obama can be increasingly centered on wasteful medical care, the Post reviews. The administration’s spending budget director, Peter Orszag, told the Post, If we could make all of those other nation practice medicine just how that Green Bay does, we would have higher quality and lower costs significantly.Another concerning selecting reflected treatment gaps for kids with severe allergies. About 11 % of the allergic reactions in study were serious, but only about 30 % of those reactions had been treated with epinephrine, or an EpiPen. Known reasons for this undertreatment included parents not having the ability to recognize symptom severity or waiting around until symptoms worsened, epinephrine not really being obtainable and fears about administering the adrenaline shot over side effects.