This document contains forward-looking statements.

More information about potential financial affect the financial results of the company are in the reports filed with the SEC, including the reports on Form 10-K, 10-Q and 8-K contain. All rights reserved.RespironicsIn July 2005 acquired his infection after feeding on an infected bird have.. This document contains forward-looking statements, including statements regarding, among other things developments in the healthcare industry, the success of the company’s marketing, sales and support programs, future sales, acceptance, and quality of its products and programs the results of clinical trials, Timing and success of new product introductions, new product development, anticipated cost savings, FDA and other regulatory requirements, enforcement actions, recalls product? or related field actions, future results from acquisitions and strategic investments, growth in foreign markets, regulations and other factors, operations and sales outside the United States, exchange rate fluctuations, the effects of a major natural disaster, cyber-attack or other catastrophic event that in the destruction or disruption to critical business or information technology systems; customer consolidation and concentration, increasing price competition and other competitive factors in the manufacture, distribution and sale of products, fluctuations in interest rates, expiration of intellectual property rights, intellectual property and related litigation, other legal disputes, the future level of income and revenue, the number of equity awards granted to employees and changes in the Company’s stock price and third party reimbursement, any changes any changes.

Its cause is currently unknown. Declared Respironics – acceptance and its financial guidance based on this announcement, or Outlook. – Respironics is a leading developer, manufacturer and distributor of innovative products and programs to serve the global sleep and respiratory markets. Focusing on emerging needs, the company is committed to providing valued solutions to improve outcomes for patients, physicians and healthcare providers. Respironics markets its products in 131 countries and employs more than 4,900 people worldwide.. The I-neb AAD System is Respironics ‘ third generation AAD System and is smaller, quieter and more portable than earlier product generations. The device weighs less than eight ounces and carried carried discreetly in a purse, pocket or briefcase.President Barack Obama announced on Friday, the end of a 22-year travel ban issued by against people with HIV, the New York Times reported. The President of previously promised the ban the ban front of the end of this year, it is grounded in fear as the fact.

‘ ‘to write Reinhardt, ‘Following Sen. Hutchison, she were rationed out health care. ‘it concluded to ‘which rationing of health services is not new. It has long as American as apple pie ‘(Reinhardt, ‘Economix ‘.

Is the ban which U.S. Below approximately 11 others countries, D block HIV-positive visitors (AP / the Boston Globe, In If this ban is lifted, visitors and immigrants do not necessary to take an HIV test, Obama said. ‘If we are / a worldwide leader in the fight against HIV want to be want to be, we have to need to act how it is, ‘and added, ‘Well, to the stigmatized of this disease, however we have a visitor life with a you addressed as threats ‘(Times, Kerry (D – Mass.