Tobacco Free Living

What Healthy Casco Bay is Doing

Healthy Casco Bay is committed to helping reduce tobacco use in the towns it serves.

• Working with area tobacco retailers to implement the No BUTS and Star Store programs.
• Supporting and promoting the Maine QuitLine.
• Partnering with Smoke Free Housing Coalition to encourage Landlords to make their rentals smoke free.
• Partnering with local municipalities and event planners to incorporate tobacco-free ordinances, resolutions, and policies.

The whole Healthy Maine Partnership statewide initiative has its roots in trying to help folks quit.  Did you know that most smokers actually WANT to quit, but struggle to do so because of the addictive effects of nicotine? Are you one of those struggling smokers?
Here are some helpful resources:

Tobacco Use–General Resources

 American Lung Association of Maine , promotes lung health and prevents lung disease.

• Partnership for a Tobacco Free Maine , Maine Bureau of Health program to prevent and control tobacco in Maine.

Tobacco Use–Quitting Resources and Links

• Call the Maine Tobacco Helpline 1-800-207-1230

• American Cancer Society , help in quitting

• Freedom From Smoking , an online, free smoking cessation program from the American Lung Association

• National Partnership for Smoke Free Families, a national program working to discover the best ways for pregnant
women to quit smoking.    Information for smokers, researchers, friends and family and policy makers.

• Nicotine Anonymous, offers support for people who want to “gain freedom from nicotine.” Pamphlets in six (6)

• Office of the Surgeon General, information on ways to quit smoking, tobacco facts and cessation news. Some
documents available in  Spanish.

• Quit 4 Life, a Canadian site available in English and French that tells the story of four young people who decide to quit
smoking. Good for young audiences.

•, Quit all together, upon registration, you get peer-to-peer support, quitting tools, quit tips, anniversary emails
and up-to-date information. Without registering, you can obtain a guide to help you quit, a calendar to follow through
the process, a directory of cessation programs and daily tobacco news.

• Quit Now , a National Institute of Health funded study to aid in quitting smokeless tobacco

• Quit Smoking: Smokeless Tobacco Cessation Program , a Smokeless Tobacco Cessation Program from George
Mason University.

• Spit Tobacco , the section of the site of the American Academy of Otolaryngology (Head and Neck Surgery) that
includes information on   Spit Tobacco, including what it is, what’s in it, the effects of using it and tips to quit spit

•   An online smokeless tobacco cessation website.

• Try to, offers a personalized, interactive “quit wizard” to serve as a guide during the quitting process,
information programs in  your community that can help you quit, downloadable brochures, success stories, expert advice, e-cards and links to other web-based quit tools