Using this new technique in the study.

Using this new technique in the study, we will be able severely calcified and damaged aortic valve without open-heart surgery to replace or remove from the original diseased valve, said Dr. Neal Kleiman, director of the catheterization laboratory at the Methodist DeBakey Heart & Vascular Center and cardiology principal investigator for the study. This study is the only way people have access to this technology in the U.S. .

The clear 3D imaging we have in this new space allows us the valve in place to maneuver much more more accurate and precise than ever before. This is of critical importance in such an advanced technology. .

‘We valve replacement routine surgery for diseased aortic valve, but many people are too high a risk for open-heart surgery due to age or other illness, said Dr. Michael Reardon, cardiac surgeon at Methodist and surgical principal investigator for the study.Present but does not object the same The DOE Safety Oversight Staff, U.S.

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