What We Can Offer Worksites:

Whether you have an employee wellness program, or you are a 5-person (or less!) operation, here are some of ways we can help you promote worksite wellness:

Healthy Maine Works

Healthy Maine Works is an on-line assessment and planning tool that helps Maine companies develop their wellness programs.  The assessment tool allows the company to establish health related priorities, provide detailed recommendations for new programs, and allows users to sort and prioritize activities and create wellness action plans which can be downloaded or printed. With no cost and minimal time ­commitment, Healthy Maine Works greatly simplifies the process of choosing the right activities or programs for worksite wellness.

Power Vending

Power Vending is a program designed to support more nutritious food and beverage options in worksite vending machines.  The program’s quick guide and supportive online tools make it easy for any site to increase healthier vending machine options.

When you look into vending machines and see the Power Star symbol, you can be sure your food or beverage choice is nutritious and powerful.  Each item labeled meets our nutrition guidelines, so the foods you choose have more of what you need and less of what you don’t.

Smoke-free worksite

As part of our smoke-free workplace initiative, we would like to help you protect employees at your workplace from secondhand smoke and offer resources to those interested in quitting.  According to Maine State law, all Maine worksites are required to have a written smoking policy.  We can help you develop, implement, and reinforce a worksite smoking policy that meets the state requirements, or that goes above and beyond the state requirements to protect workers from both indoor and outdoor exposure to secondhand smoke.

Worksite Wellness Packet

Provided by the Cumberland County Healthy Maine Partnerships, the Worksite Wellness Packets are a 12-month resource that was developed because we understand that most businesses have more than enough to do.  As a result, many employers don’t have time to research and collect resources to promote health and wellness among employees. For this reason, your local Healthy Maine Partnerships have teamed up to assemble a month by month collection of health related resources to promote worksite wellness.

The monthly topics vary from tobacco cessation to skin health to how to best handle stress.  Each month provides materials that can be used on a bulletin board, as pay check stuffers or handouts in the office, and all of the materials provided are easily downloadable or can be ordered free of charge.


We are inviting employers to participate in an important worksite initiative that can be beneficial for both the company and employees: establishing a worksite lactation support program as part of your company’s health benefit program.  Federal law requires worksites with over 50 employees to provide a reasonable amount of break time for nursing mothers to express milk, and state law requires that all employers must also make a reasonable effort to provide a sanitary space, other than a bathroom, to express milk.

 Employers who provide a supportive environment to help women continue breastfeeding after childbirth enjoy many proven benefits that directly affect their bottom line. These include:

*  Lower health care costs

*  Lower turnover rates

* Lower absenteeism rates

* Higher employee productivity and morale

* Positive public relations in the community as a “family friendly” business