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Nutri Wellness Systems boasts of a program that guarantees a beautiful you in weeks Dr.Shikha Sharma founder of the Locks and Skin Program at Nutri Wellness systems believes that deficiency of certain nutrients inside our daily diet may be the cause of dullness and tired seeking skin looked after results in hair loss. She is of the opinion a dietary process including close monitoring and evaluation of cause of the symptoms with the help of customized diet plan may be the ideal treatment to healthy locks and skin. A diet plan rich in proteins, minerals and vitamins are important to maintain health of skin and hair. Dietitians at Nutri Wellness System determine the insufficiency in one’s diet plan and accordingly plan a suitable diet... Abortion Pill Is Safe and sound To Terminate Unwanted Pregnancy Why shall I go for an abortion pill instead of surgical abortion? Abortion pill is presented by medical research to provide ultimate convenience while achieving desired result. There may be hundreds of factors that can be justified to pursue abortion but fundamentally there are two methods namely aspiration abortion and medical abortion. Regarding aspiration abortion a woman will need to face minor operation that will last for 5 to ten minutes but she will be given anesthesia before an operation in contrast to aspiration abortion medical abortion is normally slightly more advanced. It generally does not include frequent clinical appointments and operation. A woman will have to just consume an abortion tablet to terminate an undesired pregnancy at home secretly that too without losing her privacy.